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Meet the staff

Anya Thomson
Founder and lead conductor

My name is Anya Thomson,  I am the proud owner and director of The Music Train!  It's my passion and my business to bring music to life for families of young children in Denver (and surrounding areas) through group classes, pre-school enrichment programs and family concerts. 

I have been a professional singer/musician for over 15 years, playing and performing in various projects in Mpls, where I'm from, and here in Denver.  I've done it all!  Singing in cathedrals around the country in a chamber choir, rockin' out with a 12 piece R&B band, crooning jazz and blues with an acoustic duo and leading a 5 piece variety band that plays everything from country to 80's to Hard Rock.   I studied music theory and performance in college.  It's a well known fact that making a living as a musician is never a simple matter! SO,  I took on other jobs to support myself and family, many of these revolving around young children.  I was a teacher associate for the City of Lakewood Head Start program, worked for the YMCA of Denver leading various programs that catered to young children.....and did my share of nanny jobs too....but my most important experience with kids has been raising my two beautiful children. 

Music....a magical mystery, something that transcends language, that connects us all.  Here's to fostering the next generation of great music makers and enthusiasts and to giving the gift of music to children as a means of purpose, expression and joy. 

 Amy St. John

My name is Amy St. John, I am both an employee and long time attendee of The Music Train.  I help with marketing, curriculum development and program planning.  Soon I will graduate to teaching little musical wonders on my own with a class in the Washington Park area.

I have a bachelors in Elementary Education.   I come from a family with musical traditions and appreciation at its core.  My first performance was a piano recital at the age of 5.  Many instruments, bands, concerts and recitals later, I have gravitated toward vocal performance.  Music is a part of every day for me and my precious and cheeky son.  It makes us feel alive, calms us and brings us together like nothing else can.  I am looking forward to learning guitar when Max's hands are big enough to learn with me! Max and I attended Music Train for 3 years before he started pre-school.

I look forward to meeting you and making music together aboard The Music Train!












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2460 Eliot Street
Denver, CO 80211

ph: 720 253 7673