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Class Photos by Andrea Flanagan

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Anya Jane & Friends Lullabies CD

  1. Old favorites and new gems

  2. Stunning vocals and harmonies

  3. All Acoustic

  4. Guitar, Mandolin, Requinto, Piano & Harmonica

  5. Music for the whole family

  6. Artwork by Andes Survivor Eduardo Strauch



Best Lullaby CD Ever!

-Aint No Mom Jeans

LP RhythMix Chick-Itas

Mini maraca for any age or hand size

  1. Durable, solid construction

  2. Beautiful, vibrant sound

  3. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award

  4. R-red B-blue Y-yellow P-pink PP-purple G-green
      (specify color choice)

  5. Sold in pairs


LP Rhythmix Egg Shakers
From free range chickens

  1. Durable, solid construction

  2. Quick responsive sound

  3. Easy to clean

  4. R-red B-blue Y-yellow P-pink PP-purple G-green (specify color choice)

  5. Sold in pairs


LP Rhythmix Triangle

w/ striker

  1. Durable, solid construction

  2. Easy to grip handle

  3. Clear, ringing tones

  4. Great for calling the family to dinner



Clatterpillar by Halilit

  1.   Clicks, Clacks and Chats rhythm

  2.   Dynamics: gentle ripple to a 
       clattering crescendo

  3.   Develops coordination & motor skills

  4.   Will remain in a pupae state.  Will not
        fly away.



Rainmaker by Hohner

  1. Twist & turn to hear the sound of 
       falling rain

  2. Magical combination of sound & color

  3. Connects movement with sound

    8”      14.00

    16”    21.00


All instruments have been researched and tested by The Music Train to ensure they are safe and of the highest quality


Tuned Percussion Tubes

  1.   C Major scale (diatonic)

  2.   Lightweight and hollow

  3.   Whack anything to make music
        (except your brother or sister)

  4.   Explore melody, harmony & rhythm

  5.   Winner of the: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, The Best 25 in 25 Years from Parents Choice Foundation, Dr. Toy's Top 10 Active Toys and many more



Boomwhackers XTS Whack Pack

The same tubes as above but also includes the following:

  1.   XyloTote tube holder for easy storage and toting

  2.   Play them like a xylophone with the mallets

  3.   Octavator Tube Cap which drops the tone of a tube by an octave

  4.   Whack-a-Doodle-Doo Songbook



Whack-a-Doodle-Doo Songbook

For use with C Major Diatonic Boomwhackers

  1. Includes 19 familiar kids songs including London
      Bridges and Old MacDonald

  2. The colored notes enable anyone to easily play the
      songs and learn about reading music at the same



Resonator Bells

Tuned in A & D

  1.   Brilliant Tone

  2.   Drawn out sustain

  3.   Amazing note retention (in other
        words you can hear it for a long time
        after you’ve hit itl)

  4.   Mallets included

    $ 35.00/pair


Tambourine by Rhythm Tech

True Colors

  1.   Single row nickel jingles

  2.   8” Round

  3.   Molded handle for easy grasp and playing

  4.   R=red  B=blue  Y=yellow

    $ 10.00


Mahalo U-50g Ukulele

Perfect starter “guitar” for your budding musician!

  1. 4 string

  2. Maple Construction

  3. Gig bag included

  4. Great for toddler to pre-school age

  5. Much sturdier and better sounding than any toy guitar     on the market