Our philosophy

All children are musical

All children are musical. Every child can learn to sing in tune, keep accurate rhythm & understand and display the expressive qualities of music.   Music is like language. The earlier the exposure and the richer the experiences the better.  We offer music and movement for children and families through classes, concerts and Special Events.

Parents are where it’s at

The key to a child's musical success is the active participation of a parent or caregiver, regardless of their musical ability.  Here are just a few ways to be involved:

·     Attend The Music Train classes with your child

·     Listen to music from various genres and cultures

·     Talk about different kinds of music  (classical, jazz, rock, etc)

·     Dance in the living room

·     Sing in the car

·     Rock your child to sleep while humming a lullaby

·     Take out instruments (or pots and pans!) and have a jam session

·     See live music and attend concerts

Music is smart
It is one of the only activities that utilizes both the left and right brain at the same time. The majority of the brain's neural pathways are formed during the first 4 years of a child's life. Playing, practicing and experiencing music, on a regular basis, at a young age fosters cognitive, emotional, physical and social development while nurturing and ever expanding a child's creativity and imagination. It's brain exercise!

Music brings people together
The magic of music has been studied for eons.  It has the unique ability to move beyond barriers, divides and languages.  It reaches in and touches our hearts and souls.  It has the amazing ability to connect us to ourselves & each other; bringing together families, friends, communities and the world as a whole.
Anya Thomson
Founder and Director

My name is Anya Thomson,  I am the proud owner and director of The Music Train!  It's my passion and my business to bring music to life for families of young children in Denver (and surrounding areas) through classes, concerts and speial events.  
I am also a professional singer/musician and have been for over 15 years, playing, performing, recording and teaching in various projects in Minneapolis, where I'm from, and here in Denver. 
Music....a magical mystery, something that transcends language, that connects us all.  Here's to fostering the next generation of great music makers and enthusiasts and to giving the gift of music to children as a means of purpose, expression and joy.


Class Photos by Andrea Flanagan

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